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Apple, Google, And Twitter Now Amongst 22 Tech Companies Opposing Cisa Bill
Twenty-two of the world’s top technology companies are firmly against the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) due to soon go to a crucial vote on the floor of the US Senate, according to a new poll by internet activists Fight for the Future. A major critic of the legislation, Democratic... Read more
How To Waste 600% Of Budget On Software
When it comes to buying anything for the government, there’s typically rumors of fraud, abuse, and downright waste. Why is that so? Many reasons, including decisions by committee, politicians who are unqualified to make the choice in vendors or services, backstabbing among different factions of the government, and the... Read more
LogMeIn Buys LastPass For $125 million
LogMeIn, the specialist remote computer access company has bought the ever popular password-management firm LastPass, for $125 million. LogMeIn released the news in a statement last Friday, October 9th. While the acquisition has yet be finalized, both companies concerned expect the deal to be closed in the coming weeks.... Read more
Google Buys Entire Alphabet
Google has bought the Alphabet. Well, it hasn’t really, but close enough. In the days that directly followed Google becoming a subsidiary of new parent company, Alphabet, and the unveiling of its new unique domain, it also turns out that Google/Alphabet also bought up another web domain on the... Read more
New Software Lets The Boss Spy On You
If you land that great new job and you’re directed to take the company’s computer-based training, think twice about scrolling too fast. A Virginia-based software company has developed a program that will report back to the boss about how long you spent on each page, how much scrolling you... Read more
SAP Lumira Personal Edition: Fast, Efficient, Dazzling, and FREE
Lumira Personal Edition is a powerful and efficient program that is easy to use and gives startlingly good results What’s the best thing about SAP Lumira Personal Edition? It’s free. You get an awful lot from SAP Lumira Personal Edition for a free program. Wait a minute…Lumira…Didn’t that used... Read more
Want to Increase Productivity? Check Your Software
Ask any productivity expert–and yes, we’re so rushed and harried these days that there really is a career field of people who come along and teach you how to manage your time better–and they’ll tell you that it’s not the complete overhaul of your daily schedule that you have... Read more
Alphabet Subsidiary, Google, Changes Logo
Google: A synopsis: In the beginning was the word, and the word was Google. Then God Google  said: “Let us remake the internet in our image, in our likeness, so it may rule over the search browsers of cyber space.” And Google saw what it had made, and it was... Read more
How Will Google’s Company, Alphabet, Affect You?
Google surprised the tech world this week by announcing the creation of Alphabet, a new parent company that encompasses everything that was previously Google. But unless you own stock in Google, there’s no need to panic, or get too excited about share prices. If you don’t own a piece... Read more
Microsoft Puts $100M Into Uber
Despite some legal troubles–both civil and criminal–for the five-year-old ride sharing car service Uber, its latest round of fundraising got a significant boost from Microsoft. The software giant reportedly invested $100 million dollars in the company, bringing its total value to somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 billion.  ... Read more
TeamViewer Gets An Update
There are a lot of reasons why you might want to take a peek inside another computer, and for most of us, those reasons are both just and legal. I happen to have to clean out my mom’s computer all the time because I can’t get her to quit... Read more
Global Leader In Personal Privacy Solutions, Privax, Acquired By AVG
AVG recently announced the acquisition of a virtual private network provider (VPN) Privax, a leading global provider of desktop and mobile privacy services for consumers. The announcement was made public in blog posts by AVG and Privax. The reported selling price is $40 million with a potential $20 million... Read more
Skype For Business Is Good For Business
Microsoft made the announcement recently that they’ve made the leap from the original Lync program (which actually used to be called the Star Trekish Microsoft Office Communicator) to Skype for Business; a separate interface from the widely-used Skype application that intends to make business calls and messaging even better than... Read more
Crazy Kickstarters That Will Have You Going For Your Wallet
You only thought our lives couldn’t get any better with the invention of the self-driving car, the tablet computer, and a phone more powerful than the computers your high school had for typing and business classes. Just to prove that there are no limits to the innovation Man is... Read more
Apple’s Tim Cook To Donate All His Millions To Charity
Being Apple’s CEO comes with a heck of a lot of money attached to it; Tim Cook reportedly is worth somewhere around $112 million and owns some stock which is worth about $665 million. And with the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, something tells me he could be... Read more
Pebble Time Reaches $20 Million On Kickstarter
Pebble Time has reached $20 million in funding with a few hours to go, managing to double the original Pebble Kickstarter launched in 2012. It is the largest crowdfunded project ever on Kickstarter, surpassing Coolest Cooler by $6.7 million. Pebble is one of the largest companies to still use... Read more
Facebook Launches Apps For Messenger & Business Features
Facebook has launched the next step on Messenger, its second largest messaging service behind WhatsApp. Instead of merging the two apps, Facebook intends to make Messenger a platform for more than just text chat. It has launched Messenger Platform, allowing third-party developers to create apps to run over-the-top of... Read more
Three UK Announces O2 Acquisition
After months of negotiation, Three UK’s owner Hutchison Whampoa has announced the acquisition of O2 for £10.25 billion. It is the second carrier acquisition in the past 12 months, following BT Group’s £12.5 billion acquisition of EE. The news comes as no surprise considering Three UK revealed it was... Read more