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How to Set Up a Chromecast on a HD TV
In the last few weeks Chromecasts have been available in online sales for as little as £18, making an already inexpensive media streaming device an even more tempting proposition, and take up of the device has seen a spike with new adopters jumping on the bandwagon. It’s advertised as... Read more
Tidy up your Google Drive with These 5 Neat Tips
Google Drive gives you lots of space in order to store everything from documents, photos and forms but like any other huge closet, it inevitably gets a little messy. Here are five tips on how to keep your virtual storage cupboard organized and tidy. Organise Your Storage Space Image... Read more
How to Share a Photostream with Non Apple Devices
I find using Apple‘s iCloud Photo Sharing service really useful for sending your favourite moments to all you favourite people. The service not only lets you share Photo Streams with other people using an iOS device, i.e. iPhone and iPad owners, but the service also provides you with a... Read more
How to Use Twitter Analytics for Free
If you are a non-professional Twitter user, in that you are not using Twitter to promote a commercial enterprise, push a product or maybe just generally take over the world with your ego, then you have probably never paid to advertise your tweets. If you have entered the world... Read more
How to Use the Gradient Editor in Photoshop
Using gradients of colour in Photoshop often produces very pleasing, professional results, mainly because producing nice smooth transitions between the colours is something a digital platform does very well. The Gradient Fill Tool in Photoshop, located on the left hand sidebar, sharing the same button as the Paintbucket Fill... Read more
How to Use the Extrude Filter in Photoshop
In recent versions of Adobe Photoshop, more geometrical effects have been added to the default filters library. One of the eager newcomers is the Extrude filter. This takes any selection, image or layer and pushes it outwards using a series of cubes or pyramids. It’s one of those new... Read more
How to Create a Secure Password
With the phone hacking scandal and this week’s Russian webcam website, the issue of insecure passwords is on everyone’s minds. An astonishing number of people either do not change their password from the original default (often Admin or 1234) or choose something so obvious that their password may as... Read more
How to Position Elements in Photoshop
A place for everything and everything in it’s place, said someone a long time before Photoshop was even thought of, but it applies as much now as it ever has. Placing elements correctly is essential for a polished final product. How many times have you noticed a misaligned element... Read more
How to Hack Flatpack Furniture
Before 3D printing, before holograms, before virtual reality, people were creating their own three dimensional objects, it was called carpentry, or as most people would experience it now – building flatpack furniture. It’s a lot like coding, you are given a specific set of building blocks and a set... Read more
How to Erase your Download Logs in OS X
If you didn’t already know, Mac OS X keeps a continuous log of every file that you download, from MP3’s to PDF’s and everything in between. The only exception to this is apps from the Mac App Store. The system is set up that way, so in the event... Read more
How to Create Preset Templates in Photoshop
When you open a new document in Photoshop, do you take advantage of the preset document options? Or do you do what many users do and just click OK, set your image name as Untitled-1 and then change your image options later on in Photoshop itself? If you are... Read more
Make Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies this Holiday Season
It’s that time of the year again for Christmas trees, Christmas shopping, and Christmas cookies. This year, though, why not make some unique cookies? Forget about the Santa cookies and the Christmas tree cookies – why not make some cookies that come from a galaxy far far away? ThinkGeek... Read more
How to Change your Word Processing Dictionary
All over the world, people are using Microsoft Word and other word processing applications with the wrong dictionary, the most common offender being UK English users that have the American English dictionary, or vice versa. So colour becomes colour and you have z popping up all over the place... Read more
How to use Custom Brushes in Photoshop
Many users only ever use the circular brush tool in Photoshop and miss out on one of the most satisfying ways of freehand digital drawing and a quick, simple way to create interesting effects. Click on the brush tool on the left hand toolbar, it’s the eighth one down,... Read more
How to use Photoshop History States
We all make mistakes, unfortunately life doesn’t have an undo button, but don’t worry Photoshop does, so at least when it comes to images you can go back and change your mind. This can be particularly useful if you are working on a complicated image and just want to... Read more
How to Create Animated GIFs in Photoshop
There’s still room on the internet for an old school animated GIF, especially if you can create your own bespoke ones to slip into emails or instant messages, and it doesn’t take much technical knowledge to create one, in fact Photoshop does it with ease. Open any image in... Read more
How to Navigate & Zoom Images in Photoshop
With the mega pixel count on cameras getting higher and higher, and the display resolutions on monitors and televisions increasing to suit, the image sizes we now work with are significantly higher than they ever used to be. This can bring with it a few navigation issues when you... Read more
How to Make the Most of PayPal Exchange Rates
If you regularly receive payments via PayPal in a currency other than your native one, you may have noticed that the exchange rate PayPal offers is always significantly lower than the official exchange rate, or the one you would be offered by a bank or travel bureau. Some people... Read more