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Glitch Set Private Facebook Posts To Public
The latest in a long line of Facebook privacy blunders. There’s a surprise waiting in the email inboxes of about 14 million Facebook users: a mea culpa message that lets them know that their privacy settings might have let them down. According to the company, a bug at headquarters... Read more
People Using Facebook Less For News, New Study Finds
Compared to 2017 fewer people are using Facebook for news but are instead using other social media outlets to stay informed, according to the new 2018 Reuters Digital News Report. Now in its seventh year, the Digital News Report claims that users are more concerned about privacy, fake news,... Read more
New Changes To Trending Topics At Facebook
Facebook will be replacing its Trending column with something better. To see something “trending” on social media can cause a user to stumble for a moment. Is it another school shooting? Another celebrity passing? Another criminal act or accusation? Simply seeing a name or location in the trending column... Read more
France And Germany To Fund EU Startups To Compete Against Global Tech Heavyweights
Fears that the EU is lagging behind China and USA in developing its own technology companies has raised calls for Europe to invest in its own potential. Both France and Germany have begun pushing for an EU-wide initiative to help fund innovation and research in technology start-ups across the... Read more
Russian-Bought Facebook Ads Released To Journalists
Details of more than 3,000 Russian-bought ads have been reviewed by the media. The investigation into Russian meddling with the 2016 US presidential election is still underway. After a year’s time, dozens of indictments have been handed down while speculation about who will be the next to go runs... Read more
Staying Private In A Post-Cambridge Analytica World
A guide to apps, data settings and how to keep your data private.  Whether you are looking to download software or are concerned about how your online activity is gathered and analysed, the need to stay private when using the internet has been brought into sharp focus in recent... Read more
New Chatbot Helps Fight Facebook Fake News
Will Facterbot help improve Facebook’s reputation? Whether it’s an unresearched meme your anti-vaxxer sister-in-law shared or an attack ad funded by a foreign agent, there’s no doubt that Facebook has been complicit in helping spread vicious lies, ridiculous rumors, and good grief–flat earth weirdness. While the site claims that... Read more
Facebook Faces Summons In UK
Mark Zuckerberg faces formal summons from UK MPs. It’s been a tough year or so for Facebook. From allegations of supporting (if not outright colluding with) foreign interests who may have swayed the presidential election with political ads to accusations that user data was harvested, sold, and allowed to... Read more
Cambridge Analytica Closes Doors After Facebook Data Harvesting Scandal
The data gathering firm at the epicenter of Facebook privacy row has closed its offices and started insolvency proceedings. Cambridge Analytica, has announced in a statement it is closing its business down after fighting months of accusations that it improperly obtained the personal information of thousands of Facebook users... Read more
Cambridge Researcher May Sue Facebook Over Data Breach Allegations
Aleksandr Kogan considers his position in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The recent Facebook data breach–which Facebook has taken great pains to point out was not a typical data breach–has metaphorically opened a lot of people’s eyes to how their data is gathered, stored, and used by... Read more
Facebook Moves Millions Of Users Data To US To Avoid European Privacy Laws
Zuckerberg’s promise to uphold ‘spirit’ of new EU data protection rules quietly put to the side just days after making it… The social media giant, Facebook has begun moving user data from its servers in Ireland back to the USA in order to avoid having to comply with new... Read more
Zuckerberg Testifies Before US Congress
Showdown over Facebook accountability following Cambridge Analytica scandal.  It’s an understatement to say that Mark Zuckerberg is going through a bit of a rough patch. His company has been called out on the worldwide stage for multiple privacy violations and data breaches, secret projects involving users’ medical records have come... Read more
EU Knows Facebook Has A Privacy Problem
Upcoming GDPR rules mean data compliance will be mandatory.  In the digital age, information is the new hot-ticket currency. Often, companies, third-parties, and even cybercriminals would rather get their hands on users’ data than money, since the potential payoff from having access to sensitive information could be exponentially higher... Read more
Are We Finally Doing Something About Facebook?
Cambridge Analytica scandal brings focus onto data privacy issues. For all of his squeaky clean, boy next door, All-American good looks and charm, Mark Zuckerberg is quickly becoming the man that the public loves to hate, all thanks to piles of allegations that Facebook aided outside operatives who were... Read more
Facebook Ordered To Stop Tracking Web Users In Belgium
Facebook dramatically loses lawsuit and could end up facing total fines of some $156,000,000 (100 million euro) if it continues to break the country’s privacy laws by tracking its users on third-party websites. The high profile case against the social-media giant was brought by Belgium’s privacy watchdog, who claimed... Read more
Facebook Reveals It’s Officially Testing ‘Downvote’ Button
Facebook has admitted that is officially testing out a ‘downvote’ button in a new system similar to the one that Reddit and other social media sites have been using for years. The ‘downvote’ option suddenly appeared in several users feeds last week in the comments section of posts within Facebook... Read more
Facebook Loses 700,000 Users In USA For First Time 
New data reveals a decline in both the amount of time people are spending on Facebook , and a near one million drop in users from North America and Canada.    For the first time EVER Facebook has experienced a drop in user numbers. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the reduction in numbers was inevitable, as... Read more
Mark Zuckerberg’s Promises To Fix Facebook In 2018
Facebook CEO vows to do the job he already has, but better… That in a nutshell is Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year Resolution, but it will be interesting to see if he comes through by the time 2019 roll around. In previous new year mission statements, he’s vowed to learn... Read more