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Facebook Complies With Orders To Shut Anti-Israel Accounts
Facebook concedes to demands from Israeli government, say Al-Jazeera.  The term “fake news” has been tossed around by so many different sources that it’s almost become laughable, if not a downright badge of honor. It’s basically become the go-to insult for any news you don’t like, or simply refuse to... Read more
French Privacy Watchdog Gives WhatsApp One Month to Stop Facebook data sharing
France’s Privacy Regulator questions legality of WhatsApp transferring data to Facebook. France’s privacy watchdog, CNIL, has formally issued notice to WhatsApp, requesting that the popular mobile messaging app to stop sharing collected user data with its parent company, Facebook, within a month. If WhatsApp fails to co-operate with CNIL, and... Read more
Facebook Looks At How Ads Are Targeted To Ethnicities
Social network suspends ethnicity ad targeting as review explores potential abuse and exclusion.  Over a year ago, public service investigative journalism platform ProPublica discovered an unsettling feature on Facebook. At the time, advertisers could target or exclude specific demographics of users with their ads based on factors like gender,... Read more
Facebook Launches Messenger For Kids
Social media giant’s Messenger Kids app allows children to chat and text. Facebook set the age limit for user accounts at 13 and older many years ago, but that doesn’t stop the more than 20 million estimated underaged users from partaking of the platform. Now, in the ultimate throw... Read more
Send Facebook Your Dirty Pics
Facebook asks users for nude photos to combat revenge porn using new tech. As ugly breakups go, posting private photos of your now-ex partner is somewhere near the top of the naughty list. The practice of so-called ‘revenge porn’ is damaging and prevalent, though, that some jurisdictions are even... Read more
Facebook Fails to Fight Fake News
Experiment backfires as dubious content gets bumped up news feeds. These days, the most caustic insult you can hurl at an online post is “fake news.” With the abundance of troll trash floating around about even the most mildly politicized topics, avid internet users are faced wading through the... Read more
Full Extent Of Russian-Backed Pro-Trump Electoral Facebook Posts Revealed
A staggering 126,000,000 people may have seen Russian government-backed Facebook posts supporting Trump in 2016 US residential election. Facebook has revealed that as many as 126 million American users may have seen content uploaded by Russia-based governmental operatives over the past two years. Facebook released the figures ahead of... Read more
Zuckerberg Pledges To Remove Violent Threats From Facebook After Charlottesville
Facebook joins the tech firm taking action against white nationalists and neo-Nazis social media accounts. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has said his company will be ‘watching closely’ and will ‘take down threats of physical harm’, becoming the latest tech firm to take action against white nationalists and... Read more
Facebook Launches “Watch” Tab To Compete With YouTube
Another day, another online streaming option that helps take a stab at the regional monopolies owned by the telecom companies. Facebook is the latest platform to launch a video option that will contain original content, streaming television, and more. Designed to compete with YouTube and generate revenue via advertising,... Read more
Facebook Drone Completes Test Flight
Wi-Fi hotspot drone could bring global internet access to millions. Facebook execs have celebrated the successful launch of their massive Wi-Fi hotspot drone, which crashed during the previous flight. The successful test flight is a major step toward Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s goal of being able to beam internet... Read more
Facebook Claims To Hit Back At Terrorism
Promises to take active approach to preventing on-site activity. Another day, another headline about a terrorist attack… but in this digital world we live in, there’s a key player involved that some critics feel really isn’t taking their role seriously. Social media platforms have been under intense scrutiny for... Read more
Welcome To The US, Show Us Your Facebook
New regulations allow border agents to view your social media accounts to decide entry. In a highly criticized move based on paranoia and vote-pandering, new regulations in the US can allow border agents to view your social media accounts prior to allowing you entry. While the “questionnaire,” as it’s so... Read more
German Court Rejects Parents Appeal To Access Dead Daughter’s Facebook Account
Berlin judge denies insight into 15-year-old’s social media activity. The parents of a dead 15-year-old who asked  Facebook to allow them access to her account to see if she was being bullied before she died, and whether that may have played some role or not in her tragic death, have lost their claim... Read more
Facebook To Recruit 3,000 New Staff To Review Content
CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces intention is to hire 3,000 extra members of staff to review content.  The increase comes on top of the 4,500 employees Facebook already has to review content broadcast or posted that could be judged as being in violation of the company’s community standards. In the post on... Read more
Facebook And Google Join With French Media To Fight ‘Fake News’
Google and Facebook have announced partnership ahead of French presidential elections in April. Both Facebook and Google will work with French media brands to fact check and flag hoaxes, conspiracy theories or propaganda; more commonly referred to as “fake news”, in a move that mirrors similar efforts already under way in the... Read more
Facebook Loses $500m Oculus Virtual Reality Case
A court the US has ordered Facebook to pay $500m to ZeniMax Media Inc after ruling the social media giant unlawfully used the firm’s virtual reality technology. The virtual reality headset maker that Facebook bought in 2014 for $2 billion was found to have used stolen computer code acquired from ZeniMax... Read more
Zuckerberg: Facebook Didn’t Steal VR Tech From Rival
CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies allegations Facebook stole Oculus VR tech from rival Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied allegations that Facebook stole its Oculus virtual reality technology from a rival firm when he took the witness stand in a Dallas courtroom. Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc. claim that Oculus... Read more
Facebook Germany To Tackle Fake News Ahead Of Election
Facebook has announced plans that it will introduce new measures to reduce the dissemination of fake news stories in Germany ahead of this September’s national elections. The move comes hot on the heels of last November’s US Presidential election where ‘Fake News’ shared on social media sites has been... Read more