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Windows 10 Will Log You In Using Your Biometric Data
Are you looking forward to Windows 10? Many people are thanks to the resounding disappointment Windows 8 seemed to be with the masses. The last Windows version I used was 7, and I have to say I thought it ran smoothly and I don’t remember any problems with it.... Read more
Microsoft Bringing Windows 10 To 190 Countries This Summer
Microsoft has given a timeline for the launch of Windows 10, announcing its availability in 190 countries sometime in the summer. Again, Redmond is not giving us a firm date, but it is a lot better than the “later this year” date we got in January. The 190 countries... Read more
Microsoft Working On Snapdragon 810 Lumia Device
Microsoft’s new mantra for Lumia devices is shoot for the low-end and hope something sticks, but in-between the launches of cheaper and cheaper Windows Phone we might finally get a flagship. That’s according to Microsoft’s Juha Kokkonen in a press release, claiming Microsoft will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip in... Read more
Windows 10 Will Be Free, And All The Details From The Windows 10 Event
Microsoft’s event has finally revealed all its secrets surrounding Windows 10; some were expected, while others not so. There is clearly something to appeal to everyone in this major update, whether you are a heavy Internet browser or a gamer. Microsoft’s focus seems to be set on providing cross-platform... Read more
Windows 10 May Come With A New Web Browser
Microsoft is working on a new web browser for Windows 10, code-named Spartan, to replace the ageing Internet Explorer. First reported by ZDNet, Microsoft will reportedly ship both web browsers in Windows 10, to test the waters with Spartan. Internet Explorer’s team will be downscale internally, to the point... Read more
Windows 10 Leak Reveals Cortana Search Bar, Updated Apps
Microsoft has already shown the groundwork for Windows 10 on the Developer Preview, the new start menu, build in metro-apps on desktop and various interfaces for power users show a gradual move to one OS design for all types of users. The second event for Windows 10 is scheduled... Read more
Microsoft VP Confirms Windows 10 Will Not Be A Loss-Leader
Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turne has confirmed Windows 10 will not be “loss leader” when it is released later in 2015. Turne said this in response to questions on whether Windows 10 would be free. Loss-leader means the product will ship at a profit loss, to gain more... Read more
Microsoft Planning Windows 10 Event in January
Microsoft announced Windows 10 in a small event in San Francisco, where the developer preview was launched. Redmond has a bigger launch event planned for the consumer edition of Windows 10. In late January, Microsoft will hold an event for all press and developers, to show some of the... Read more
Windows 10 Will Be Free for Personal Users‏
All eyes are on Microsoft next year, in 2011 the team screwed up by offering a mobile-like experience to Windows customers with Windows 8, alongside pricing it rather highly, compared to Apple who decided to drop the price of OS X and make it free to all desktop users... Read more
Windows 10 Announced by Microsoft in San Francisco
Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10, not Windows 9 like most people were expecting. It looks to be a rather big update and at the event in San Francisco, Microsoft only revealed small parts of the new update. Windows 10 will be available for all types of devices, anything... Read more