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Google Chrome And Windows 10 Build 10525: It’s Not Working
Google Chrome and Windows 10 appear to have fallen out with each other. But no one is  forcing anyone to use Microsoft’s new Edge browser….just yet.  Microsoft released the new preview of version Windows 10 build 10525 to Windows Insiders earlier this week, and it was jumped on by... Read more
Windows 10 Installed over 50 Million Times
In what might possibly be the most unsurprising software news ever, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Operating System has been installed 53 million times and  managed to capture almost 5% of the market in just under 3 weeks. These figures have been reported by several tech related websites in the... Read more
Big Day For Browser Updates
The days of being stuck having to use the pre-installed Internet Explorer browser are long gone. In the world of optional web browsers, there are a few names that reign supreme, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other lesser-known web browsers are still garnering attention and a loyal fan... Read more
Firefox Just Made Your Tab Buttons Bigger…And Other Stuff
If you woke up yesterday and saw that the tabs on Firefox looked a little different, the problem isn’t your contact lenses. The recent updates to Firefox have done a few things, some of them aesthetic, and others vital to maintain some level of compatibility with the new Windows... Read more
It’s Alive! Patch Tuesday Lives On For Windows 10
Despite announcing that Patch Tuesday would cease to be back in May, on Tuesday Microsoft proved that some old traditions are hard to kill, releasing as it did 4 critical bug fixes in one go that could affect Windows 10. While there were a slew of fixes across all... Read more
Mozilla Firefox Issues Multi-Language Updates
As if Mozilla didn’t have enough trouble right now dealing with the fact that Windows 10 users are automatically Edge browser fans–regardless of the settings they choose upon installation, and regardless of whether or not they went ahead and made Firefox their default browser at installation–the company is still... Read more
Windows 10 Bugs Leave Users Unhappy
While the original predictions of a Windows 10 fiasco might not have turned out to be as horrifically accurate as experts thought they’d be, there are still more than a few bugs and a lot of disgruntled tech users. Gordon Kelly, for Forbes, is one such user who highlighted... Read more
Windows 10 Issues Bug Fix One Day Before The Rollout
Many members of the tech industry have had July 29th circled in red on their calendars for last year or so, as that marks the day that Microsoft will either be the greatest tech company ever or the biggest joke in recent time. Why? Because of an ambitious idea... Read more
Microsoft Lets You Hide Automatic Updates In Windows 10
While Microsoft has a long history of innovation that has unquestionably changed the world, they do have a tendency to become the punchline among tech users who aren’t too excited about their offerings. Case in point, the much-heralded Windows 10 release that’s slated to happen in a matter of... Read more
Microsoft Edge Has Nothing On These Browsers
With the clock ticking on the release of Windows 10–coming up on July 29th–there’s already been a ton of speculation about some of its features. One of the more exciting features is a whole new web browser, Microsoft Edge.   ME has been in the works for a while... Read more
Kodi Steps Up With The End Of Windows Media Center
The much-speculated about launch of Windows 10 will happen in a matter of days–or a little over 150 hours, even, if you’re one of the rare fans who’s rabidly attached to all things Microsoft–and already the critics are bemoaning the changes. With forums throughout the internet arguing the merits... Read more
Automatic Windows 10 Updates Are Mandatory For Home Users
With the official release of Windows 10 a little over a week away, Microsoft is cracking down on consumers who have struggled with installing important Windows updates in the past. The company has announced that home users will have to agree to receive automatic updates with Windows 10 so... Read more
Windows 10 Release Date Officially Announced By Microsoft
Today, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 10 will start rolling out on July 29th, 2015. Specifically, Microsoft allowed Cortana to announce the big news. If you don’t have a Windows PC or phone running the Windows 10 Preview Insider, you can hear the announcement for yourself by clicking here.... Read more
Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Is The End Of The Line
Sorry Windows fans, it looks like we’re all going to have to come to grips with the fact the Windows 10 is the end of line and there will be no Microsoft 11. The iconic operating system is installed on over 90% of computers world-wide, but it was confirmed... Read more
Office 365 Can Now Tackle Bigger Files
There’s good news for Office 365 fans: email files, once limited to 25 MB, can now be as large as 150 MB, an important file jump for users who need to send a photo slide deck, PowerPoint presentation, or other graphics-heavy content. Users have always been able to reap... Read more
Microsoft Announces Surface 3 With Full Windows 8.1
Microsoft has not found a lot of success with its tablet business, but in 2014 we heard it tripled sales with the Surface Pro 3. Now it is launching the Surface 3, the cheaper brother, finally running Windows 8.1 instead of RT. When the Surface first launched, it came... Read more
Microsoft Launches Surface 3 For $499, Will Run Windows 10 Apps
Microsoft launched the Surface 3 earlier this week, fitted with Windows 8.1 and some beefy specs. It is the first of the original Surface lineup to not run Windows RT, to the applause of most Microsoft fans. Having full Windows 8.1 (and Windows 10 when it launches in summer)... Read more
Windows 10 Will Be Free, Even For Software Pirates
When Microsoft introduced security keys for Windows XP, it was the beginning of a long and tiring battle against piracy, one it would ultimately fail to control with users capable of downloading a full Windows 8 license in under two minutes. Instead of continuing the tirade against pirates, it... Read more