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Microsoft is working hard to realize its plans and vision for the Cloud OS. The latest development in this regard was the addition of... Microsoft Cloud OS: New Products And Services

Microsoft is working hard to realize its plans and vision for the Cloud OS. The latest development in this regard was the addition of new products and services to the existing plans. The additions also include the System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 as well as Windows Azure services. The idea behind the Microsoft Cloud OS is to provide users with greater compatibility across platforms along with multiple clouds. Along with Windows, the Cloud OS is compatible with iOS and Android.

A Low Cost Cloud Management Solution

The Microsoft Cloud OS is being described as a low-cost cloud management system. Using the Service Pack 1 and other products and services, users can easily manage the cloud services and devices they are using. The cross-platform compatibility means that users now have greater control over the cloud services they have signed up for. The Cloud OS will also offer better agility and cost-effectiveness. This makes Microsoft Cloud OS the ideal solution for users.

The Importance of OS for Cloud

Cloud hosting has long been touted as the way of the future. This fact has been wholeheartedly endorsed by Microsoft in its efforts to provide a solution which integrates Cloud with an OS. According to Michael Park, the corporate vice president of Server and Tools Marketing at Microsoft, the company is aiming to provide users with one platform they can use instead of having to switch across different services and operating systems.

To make sure the users are able to enjoy the best possible experience, Microsoft has been working on apps and data which can work across different platforms. Park also stated the importance of an operating system for clouds. The consistency users can enjoy with Microsoft Cloud OS is attributed to the Windows Server and Windows Azure services being used. Individuals and even large businesses can make a smooth transition towards cloud hosting using the Microsoft Cloud OS.

Microsoft Cloud OS: New Products And Services

New Products and Services Released

Microsoft has been revealing the products and services which enhance the Cloud OS periodically. The latest announcement saw the launch of Windows’ Intune, a cloud-based service that also serves as a System Center Configuration Manager.  The products and services have been tested on the new Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone devices and are also compatible for Android and iOS devices. It remains to be seen how quickly the Microsoft Cloud OS finds user acceptance and becomes a succeeds.


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