The grapevine has been on fire, thanks to speculations about the PlayStation 4, which many a gamer has been waiting for. With the PlayStation 3 being nothing short of awesome, we can only expect the next generation PlayStation console to be even more so. And with all the rumors flying around like there is no tomorrow, what do we really know about the PlayStation 4?

What We Know About The PlayStation 4 So Far


Nothing really. Nada. Zilch.


At least in terms of concrete, official, and verified statements. I wish there were more to tell you, but the only “official” statement we have from Sony is from Kaz Hirai, Global Chief Executive, and it has nothing to do with what to expect about the design and specs of the new console.

CVG reports that the executive has thrown this statement out in the open: “Why go first when your competitors can look at your specs and come up with something better?”

I don’t know about you, but that seems to be confirmation that we will be seeing the PlayStation 4 after the next generation Xbox. And, Hirai does have a point! While Sony usually makes it a point to be first, it seems they are changing tactics this time around. Will it work for them? Time will tell.

Tech specs

As for the technical specifications of the PlayStation 4, no official data has been released, but there is no lack for speculation. One thing everyone agrees on: it will only get better.

Eurogamer has an extensive article on what we can expect from the PlayStation 4. What matters most at this point is the processor, which is supposed to have eight cores and clock in at 1.6GHz. AMD’s Jaguar architecture is the underlying tech. AMD also handles the graphics with the AMD Radeon HD, clocked at 800MHz with 18 Graphics Core Next compute units.

As for the memory, the PlayStation 4 is supposed to have 4GB of DDR5 plus 512MB for the operating system. That ought to satisfy gamers with a need for speed. (What gamer doesn’t, anyway?)

In any case, speculation or not, we are not likely to see the PlayStation 4 anytime on the shelves soon, but wait several weeks for the official reveal. Little birds have been whispering about this non-stop, so it must be true.

[Image via GenGame]