The launch dates for the next generation game consoles have been released and the world eagerly awaits the new and improved consoles. PS4 and Xbox One go toe to toe in the battle of the games console.

PS4 Up To 50% Faster Than Xbox One – Report Says

PS4 Coming out Swinging

Early reports from developers who have studied the intricate workings of the consoles seem to indicate a clear hit and a miss for the Xbox One regarding speed.

Not only is the RAM in the PS4 faster than the Xbox One by 40-50% but the graphics card in Sony’s console was shown to operate at 30 frames per second (fps) with a full 1080 resolution while Microsoft’s baby reduced the resolution to below 30 fps even at a resolution of 900.

Since Microsoft, who have also been pushed into changing certain policies by disgruntled fans, were made aware of the substantial gap in performance, it seems they may have tried to bridge the gap slightly by boosting the speed with a CPU upgrade. (1.6GHz – 1.75GHz).

Other Differences

There are a few other differences between the two consoles that gamers might be swayed by when choosing which console will take pride of place in their homes:

  • Release Date – Sony have decided to split the release of the PlayStation with North America being able to purchase the console on November 15th and Europe having to wait for a week until the 22nd. Microsoft on the other hand have gone for a global launch of Xbox One on November 22nd.
  • Design – Xbox One is bigger than its predecessor (Xbox 360) by 10% and weighs in at 3kg. The PlayStation4 is only slightly lighter at 2.8kg with a sleek, split look design.
  • Release Games – Although there is a plethora of games for both consoles (Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Call of Duty Ghosts) it’s the exclusive games that will have the biggest effect on whether a gamer purchases an Xbox One or PS4. Xbox fans can look forward to favorites Halo, Forza and Dead Rising 3 while PS4 will come alive with the sights and sounds from Dark Sorcerer, Drive Club and Killzone Shadow Fall.

The Truth

Speculation is all very well and good but at the end of the day, that’s all it is. Hardware hasn’t been set in stone for either console. So until they are released and the put to the test in real life situations, nobody can truly tell which will take the title for best games console.

[Image via GamesNews]