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FAA Issues Commercial Drone Rules, Looks Bad For Amazon
Last year, it was widely reported by TechBeat and other sources that Amazon was getting into the drone craze and designing delivery drones which would be capable of delivering packages right to the doorstep with no need of a delivery person. They even got so into the idea they... Read more
Amazon To Open Its First Shop
Amazon is about to enter the ‘real world’ with the company’s first attempt at a bricks and mortar location. The online retailer is making this move to begin the transfer from online retail to physical retail, with their very own Amazon ‘shop’. Technically, it is a staffed pick-up and drop-off... Read more
Amazon Workmail from $4 per Month
If you use email (who doesn’t?), it is most likely that you will use Microsoft’s Outlook program or Google’s Gmail program in your place of work. Things maybe about to change as Amazon’s latest venture shows. The online retail giant announced on January 28th a new service called WorkMail.... Read more
Amazon Debuts Prime Now for One & Two Hour Deliveries
I have to admit that I’m really enjoying my Amazon Prime and its free 2-day shipping perk. I’ve also been getting into Prime Music as well as all of the free television shows and movies available at no extra cost. Before I know it, I’ll probably also upload all... Read more
Glitch At Amazon, Selling Chaos Ensues
When you shop online you can grab a real bargain sometimes. If you have  shopped at Amazon recently, then maybe you have grabbed, what some are calling, the deal to end all deals. On Saturday of last week, some UK-based retailers were appalled as their for sale items were... Read more
Amazon Starts 4K Streaming
Amazon has their fingers in many pies. In fact they are at the forefront of lots of services from shopping to media and everything in between.  Take the latest news from the Amazon camp; US subscribers to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video platform, with broadband speeds that are capable of at... Read more
Pre-Order Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera
Polaroid photos have come along way since they initially came off the assembly line in the mid-fifties.  Now, Polaroid has taken the instant photo to the next level.  Introducing the Socialmatic Snapper— an Instagram-type camera.  Starting now, you can pre-order it on Amazon for $299.99.  The release is set... Read more
Amazon to Try Out Bicycles for Delivery
You just never know what Amazon has up their sleeve. First, they tell us they’re closer and closer to having drones deliver our packages to us, and now, they let us know they’re testing out a bicycle delivery system in New York City. Is it just me, or does... Read more
Amazon Uses 15,000 Robots to Make Warehouses More Productive
Amazon is diversifying its workforce with 15,000 robots, in an effort to make the warehouses more efficient and give human workers a bit of a leg break from scouting the warehouse for a single toy. The news was announced in time for the holiday season, Amazon’s busiest time. The... Read more
Sony Experiments with New E-Paper Fes Watch
Sony has been experimenting with its smartwatch design and has come up with the Fes Watch, a minimalist and monochrome looking watch made from e-paper. The thought process behind this unconventional smartwatch is to look at how fashion can play more of a roll in technology. Of course, it... Read more
Amazon Fire Phone Price Dropped to $199 Off Contract
Amazon is sitting on $86 million of unsold Fire Phone inventory and in order to start reducing the stock, the e-commerce giant has slashed $250 off the phone, costing only $199 off contract. The original price of the Fire Phone matched most of the high-end devices at $199 on... Read more
Kindles are Getting a Needed Update!
If you’ve ever tried to “lend” a Kindle book to anyone, than you know how incredibly frustrating of an experience it can be. Even though it’s technically possible to lend an e-book, most e-books, especially the popular ones, are not available to be lent. Take my word for it,... Read more
Amazon May Be Preparing Ad-Supported Instant Video Service
Amazon Instant Video is not looking too hot, when compared to Netflix on peak Internet traffic. The two video streamers stack up at 2.5 percent and 34.8 percent, respectively. In order to close the gap, Amazon is reportedly looking to create an ad-supported Instant Video service, where users can... Read more
Tech Giants Band Together to Curb NSA Surveillance
Tech giants from all corners of the Internet world, including AOL, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and others, have banded together to fight the NSA surveillance. Sadly, even with this large alliance of technology companies sending an open letter to the Senate, the bill – dubbed the USA... Read more
Amazon Drone Service Coming to the UK
Would you like a new job? Maybe you would like to work for Amazon? Well, if you think that working in the picking department would be too much like hard work; running around sticking labels on a myriad of products, you needn’t worry. Apparently there are other, more interesting, careers that... Read more
Walmart Now Matches Amazon Prices
I love Amazon; believe me, I do. I love getting the low prices, cheap (or, free) shipping, plus they have just about anything a person could want. It’s the perfect “store” – you just sit on your couch and order whatever you want, and you never have to leave... Read more
Amazon Admits they Got the Price Wrong with Fire Phone
The Fire Phone is not doing well, in fact, it is costing Amazon $170 million in operating loss quarterly. In the recent Q3 earnings call, Amazon announced a loss of $544 million, and the majority of the loss came from their first smartphone. Amazon has been hampered by the... Read more
Amazon Prime Members Now Get Free Unlimited Photo Storage
I don’t know about you, but for me, the benefits of having an Amazon Prime account are starting to outweigh the benefits of not having one. I had a free 30-day trial some time ago and enjoyed it, but ultimately decided to save my money. I’m starting to reconsider.... Read more