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Amazon Announces Fire TV Stick, Chromecast Alternative‏
The best selling electronic device on is the Chromecast, but Amazon is looking to change this with their own inexpensive streaming dongle. Named the Fire TV Stick, Amazon is looking to package all of the goodness from the Fire TV in a $39 HDMI-stick. Amazon has worked hard... Read more
AmazonFresh Comes to New York City
We all have to go grocery shopping from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable; we’re all designed to eat. And grocery shopping, while not overly difficult (unless you take several young kids in tow), can be quite the stressful experience. First, there’s the traffic on the road you have... Read more
Amazon is Opening an Actual Store in NYC
For just about as long as I can remember, since I’ve been using the internet, there has been I really can’t remember a time without it, that’s how big it is. Of course when I first started using it, I mainly used it to only purchase books, but... Read more
Amazon Announces Kindle Voyage as the Next E-Reader Line
Amazon has announced the next step in the Kindle e-reader, named the Kindle Voyage. The successor to the Kindle Paperwhite, the Voyage comes with a few new features and a much clearer display, at 300PPI, it is the best e-reader display on the market. In the past year, Amazon... Read more
Amazon Fresh To Hit NYC Soon
Always one to be amongst the first to try out new and inventive things, Amazon is having a go at plain old simple grocery shopping and giving it a 21st century revamp! Amazon is starting their grocery delivery service for users, called Amazon Fresh. The delivery service is only currently... Read more
One Hour Grocery Delivery: Whole Foods & Instacart Collaborate
Wholefoods has announced on Monday of this week that it is teaming up with a grocery delivery startup Instacart, to deliver items directly to shoppers’ homes with great speed.  In fact they say they can deliver goods to you in as quickly as one hour!  The option will initially... Read more
NASA Is Making A Drone Air Traffic Control System
There have emerged some reports that NASA is developing an air-traffic control system, which has been designed specifically for drones, such as the ones that are currently being tested by Amazon and Google. The programme is in response to a growing interest in drones for a variety of different... Read more
Twitch.TV Acquired By Amazon For $1 Billion‏
Amazon has acquired Twitch.TV for $970 million earlier today, the deal was officially announced after two months of silence from Google and Twitch. Amazon’s name had only cropped up one day before the announcement, previously Google had been the only bidder. Twitch.TV is the largest video game streaming service,... Read more
Barnes & Noble Announce Samsung Nook Tablet
Barnes & Noble has recently unveiled a customised version of a Samsung tablet as a replacement for the Nook HD+.  Barnes & Noble themselves manufactured the Nook HD+ but have now turned to the tech giant to assist in them in their quest. Based on the inclusion of pre-installed... Read more
Amazon Gives $1 Video Credit If You Choose Slower Shipping
Sometimes it’s really nice to get things shipped really quickly from Amazon, especially if they’re items you really need and/or want, like – movies, books, Kindles, groceries, etc. But sometimes, you order things that you don’t really need to be delivered on the double, like bulk food items, random items of... Read more
Amazon Creates On-line 3D Printing Shop
Amazon has jumped on the 3D printing bandwagon by creating its first 3D printing shop!  In the on-demand Amazon shop, products can be purchased, customised, ordered, 3D printed then delivered right to your door.  The shop launched Monday and you can get many items including iPhone cases, home decoration,... Read more
Amazon Requests Permission From FAA For Drone Program
The plan for Amazon to begin shipping deliveries via drone is gathering pace as the company sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week. The global giant is “incredibly passionate about” its Amazon Prime Air feature.  The service would see airborne drones delivering packages to registered... Read more
Wearable Technology Shop On Amazon
Not only does Amazon sell most products you can’t get anywhere else, they have now introduced a new online store completely devoted to wearable technology in the UK.  Over 100 devices you can wear are on offer; with products like smart watches, smart glasses, activity trackers and wearable cameras,... Read more
Amazon is One Step Closer to Drone Delivery
After the FAA released some new rules regarding the use of drones this week, many people who were looking forward to Amazon’s delivery drone service became scared that the service had been grounded for good. After the FAA’s actions, many must’ve reached out to Amazon for a comment, because... Read more
Amazon Fire Smartphone Announced
Amazon has officially unveiled the Fire at a special press event held in Seattle.  As thought by many, Amazon’s first handset has a 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass display with a 720p HD-resolution screen.  To put that in perspective that is the same size as the Moto X.  The new handset also... Read more
How Can You Tell If An Online Review is Fake?
For every product you buy, every hotel you book or every app you download, you can guarantee that there will be a review out there telling you whether it’s a good choice or not. You can find out almost all the pros and cons of anything before you actually... Read more
Amazon Boots Company After It Threatens To Sue Negative Reviewer
A company known as Mediabridge Products is learning the hard way that they can’t just threaten people online and get away with it. After an Amazon reviewer posted a “most helpful” negative review of one of their router products, Mediabridge became upset and threatened to take legal action and... Read more
A Smartphone Unlike Any Other From Amazon
Amazon has been working away on its own series of smartphones for a number of years now but sources claim that an announcement from the company is just around the corner. We know from the rumors that Amazon is promising that this handset will be unlike any other already... Read more