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Reviewed: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
Dig deep into your PC’s hard drive to re-discover lost files. There are a lot of storage options for our important files, and if you asked a hundred different users which they preferred, you’d get a hundred different answers. But one thing that every user has in common –... Read more
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free – The Definitive Free Data Recovery Software
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free: Recovering lost or broken data quickly and efficiently. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the definitive free data recovery software anyone can install and use for when you need to recover deleted, formatted or lost data quickly and effortlessly from your machines. There are... Read more
Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3021 Released
The culmination of year’s worth of work behind the scenes from Famatech has resulted in the new version of the free network scanner for Windows, Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 3021. Having used several IP Scanning programs over the years both for solving work and LAN gaming issues, including previous... Read more
Two-For-One Functionality of DVDFab
Some tech users might not immediately think of a free download of a DVD copying program when they imagine the most innovative concept in new software, given that DVDs are hardly the go-to source of portable entertainment these days. But DVDs are far from gone, and the developers at... Read more
Advanced IP Scanner – Simple Yet Powerful
As a tech writer who has reviewed an awful lot of software products over the years, the ones I like the most are the ones that are good, and also, free. Advanced IP Scanner is just such one product. Its mechanics are robust, its features powerful, and the interface is simple,... Read more
Microsoft Launches Win10 Desktop App Converter
We love great new desktop gadgets or operating systems but is the Windows 10 Desktop App Converter going to be a disappointment? There have been few software launches in the history of computing that were met with such loud opposition as the launch of Windows 10; to be fair,... Read more
LastPass Update Encrypts Your Online Logins
You know you’re supposed to be doing it, but it’s just such a bother, isn’t it? All that typing and the memorizing and the keeping it all straight…it’s such a hassle. Unfortunately, that’s the all-too-common sentiment behind most internet users and their reluctance to create strong, unique passwords. Heck,... Read more
Remote Connecting Made Easy With NoMachine
NoMachine is a remote desktop utility designed for people of all skill levels. The ability to connect to other PC’s and devices legitimately has been around for a long time. But having used several other similar based programs such as TeamViewer, No Machine is the one I’ve managed to... Read more
LogMeIn Hamachi Gets An Update On FileHippo
The data security and privacy sector has been promoting the benefits of a VPN for everyone from companies with proprietary content to grandmas who are playing around on Facebook. In light of the constant news of data breaches, hacking events, and yes, even governments spying on their own citizens’... Read more
Quip Desktop App Released For Mac And Windows
Recently Quip announced a new Mac and Windows version of its collaboration-friendly  messaging, spreadsheet, and word processing application. Until now, the app has only been available via Quip’s website and on Android and iOS. Users have been asking for a desktop app for a while now and the company has... Read more
New Updates Help Manage And Protect Your Content
The team at FileHippo works to bring tech users the latest new software releases and important updates for existing titles, and this week’s releases are no exception. The developers of the following long-standing favorites have both issued updates to make their programs run even better while managing and protecting... Read more
New File Sharing Site Keybase Promises Better Security Than Dropbox
Everybody should make an effort to better protect themselves (and their information) on a daily basis. Use two-factor authentication. Encrypt emails. Make sure any of the software you download hasn’t been messed with. But it’s such a headache to do all this on the reg. Enter Keybase, a new... Read more
SpiderOak Gets An Update, Keeps Same Level Of Privacy
Data privacy and information security have been big news for quite some time, even before Edward Snowden made consumers aware that their cell phone records were being handed over to the government without warrants. But government access, hacking events, and data breaches seem to have done very little to... Read more
BlueStacks App Player Takes Your Mobile Apps To Your PC
Are you a Candy Crushaholic? Can’t get enough of Ruzzle Adventure or Farm Heroes Saga? Join the club. But are you also tired of draining your battery or trying to activate the controls on the tiny touchscreen? Then you’d probably like to play those same addictive games (or use... Read more
Differential Backups Come To Macrium Reflect Free
Backing up your PC is always a good idea. It’s the ideal way to protect your important files from data issues, hardware failure, and  virus attacks. If you use a simple file-based backup system, it’ll be quick, but mostly because you’ll be leaving a lot behind: browser favorites, contacts,... Read more
AnyDesk Update Lets You Work From…Any Desk
If you’re located anywhere north of the equator, you’re probably thinking summery thoughts right about now (and who could blame you, since you’re probably at work). One of the greatest things about our current state of digital and tech connectivity is the ability for many of us to work... Read more
PowerArchiver 2015 Update Packs Mega Features In One Space
Users looking for a really great archiving tool in an easy-to-use, familiar-looking interface will find PowerArchiver to be just the tool they need in their toolboxes. And with the 2015 update that was nine months in the making, there’s even more to love about this great product. As with... Read more
DVDFab PC Backup Released
DVDFab, already well-known for their movie backup software, has recently released a PC Backup to their line of products. DVDFab PC Backup is a Windows based backup software that can be used to clone apps, disk images, documents, emails, music, photos, shared files, videos. Users can even go so... Read more