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How To Make Text Float In Photoshop
With the possible exception Peter Pan, everyone and everything has a shadow, as long as light is hitting it. Internal shadows appear where the surface contours towards and away from the light source. External shadows appear behind wherever the light source is. Multiple light sources cause multiple shadows and... Read more
How To Change Faces in Photoshop
Photoshop is capable of amazing things, you can literally create anything, or change anything into anything, but let’s be honest, all a lot of people really want to do 90% of the time is to put someone else’s face into a photo. Here’s a very simple way to do... Read more
Need Quality Photo Editing? Download Corel Paintshop Pro X7
Corel’s Paintshop Pro X7 is a comprehensive photo-editing application that allows you to create your best photos ever. Paintshop Pro X7 has smarter editing features, 30% faster brushes, new creative tools and easier color selection. Paintshop Pro X7 is a complete photo-editing application, which helps you turn your snapshots... Read more
How To Use The Magic Wand Tool In Photoshop
Ever wished you had a magic wand? Well if you use Adobe Photoshop then your dream just came true. At the top of the left sidebar, fourth button down is the quick selection tool, hover over that for a second or two and you will see that hiding behind... Read more
How To Blur Images In Photoshop
If you’ve used Instagram, you’ve probably had a play around with the option that allows you to blur part of an image, to give focus to a circular or horizontal section of your photo. This can be very effective on photos, creating what at first glance looks like a... Read more
Need Image Manipulation? Check out FastStone Image Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer is a quality, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. It has a great array of different features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments. Its innovative but intuitive full-screen mode provides quick access to EXIF information, thumbnail browser... Read more
Understanding The Difference Between RGB And CMYK In Photoshop
Apples and oranges, both fruit, both spherical, both have pips, both can be peeled, it’s astonishing that we can tell them apart, and yet everyone manages it. Some people have described RGB and CMYK as the apples and oranges of colour image formats, but they’re not, they are two... Read more
11 Selfies That Should Never Have Been Taken!
Sometimes it’s better to just put that phone away and save the selfie for another day, unfortunately these people haven’t quite mastered that yet! A house is engulfed by flames but this guy thinks it's the perfect opportunity to take a selfie. Image 1 of 11 Read more
How to Colour Comics in Photoshop
Since the world of printing went digital, line art colouring is now nearly always done digitally. Continuing in our Photoshop how to series, here are a few simple Photoshop tips to make the most out of your comic colouring. Layers, you need to use multiple layers. This may seem... Read more
How to Customise Text in Photoshop
Have you ever needed a quick Logo or Title but just didnít have the time to draw it yourself or search for a suitable new font? Those dull old fonts you already have can be spiced up using a few of Adobe Photoshop‘s simple blending tools, and this gives... Read more
How to Letter Comics in Photoshop
In the olden days, way back in 40BP (Before Photoshop) everything in comic books was hand drawn and coloured. The penciller would pencil it, the inker would ink it, the colourist would colour it and the letterer would, you guessed it, letter it. Hard to believe perhaps that a... Read more
How to Improve the Definition of Line Art in Photoshop
If you are working on scans on black and white art or images in Photoshop, you have likely come across the problem of murky scans where the paper is off white or the larger areas of dark in are not uniform. When printed these become real problems as the... Read more
How To Save Time With Macros in Photoshop
Have you ever found yourself repeating the same task again and again in Photoshop and wished you had the programming knowledge to automate it? Then I have good news for you, Photoshop will do it for you, and there’s no need to learn any coding skills or new complicated... Read more
How to Install Brushes in Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a great application for image manipulation.  There are so many different ways that you can edit your images and enhance your work.  In this article we will very briefly discuss the brush tool.  The brush tool is a basic painting tool. It works like a traditional... Read more
How To Take 360 Panorama Photographs Like a Pro
One thing I really do like about Smartphones is the ability to take pictures.  I remember way back in the day when I first got a Siemens S55 with a detachable camera.  The images were rubbish, but I had a phone with a camera and it was awesome! These... Read more
Boy Took A Selfie Every Day For 7 Years And the Video is Amazing
It was eight years ago that Hugo Cornellier, then 12-years old, decided to change the way we view growing up. He was inspired by a video which comprised of hundreds of self-portraits and decided to make his own life story by taking a selfie every day for the next... Read more
The Latest Version of FastPictureViewer is Now Available to Download
FastPictureViewer is an image viewer application that has been designed for photographers. The application comes with powerful workflow tools, which help to automate file management duties, such as copy, move, delete, save-for-web and more. With FastPictureViewer you get the fastest RAW viewer.  The application provides numerous features, such as;... Read more
Man Dies Taking Selfie with Gun
With the advent of Instagram and Facebook, the word ‘selfies’ will probably make it into the newest edition of Webster’s Dictionary.  But when do selfies go too far?  Tragically, a 21 year old man from Mexico has died while taking a selfie.  How?  He tried to pose with a... Read more