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Comixology Removes In-App Purchases
To read comic books on a digital device used to be a very simple process, almost as easy as walking into a comic book store and purchasing your latest comic.  Nowadays there are a few different avenues to get your latest Marvel/DC fix.  Comixology is a website that provides... Read more
Amazon’s Delivery Drones in Stage 6 of Development
Some time ago, it was reported by Techbeat and various other sites that Amazon had announced they were going to be using delivery drones in the future. The news caused quite a stir as it sounded a bit too futuristic for some, while others thought it was a great... Read more
Amazon Dash Simplifies Grocery Shopping
I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. I love getting new groceries, but sometimes I really hate dealing with all of the traffic and the other shoppers who are out doing exactly what I’m doing. And I really hate it when I drive all the way to the... Read more
Amazon Announces Fire TV, the $99 Set-Top Box
Amazon has announced that it will begin shipping its very own video streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV, for $99. According to Amazon’s Peter Larsen, Fire TV will not be affected by issues that plague other living room hardware and in his presentation focused on the problems with search,... Read more
Prices Set To Rise For iTunes & App Store Downloads
When the chancellor announced the latest budget for the UK, it was revealed that a previous loophole allowing digital downloads to avoid tax in the UK will now be closed. As a result, when these new laws take effect, it could be that we see an increase in price... Read more
Amazon Prime Cost Goes Up
The rumors had been circulating for months regarding Amazon increasing the cost of their popular Amazon Prime service. Well, it turns out that these rumors actually contained some grains of truth. Rumors of price hikes from $20 to $40 seemed to be the common amounts, and thankfully, it’s only... Read more
Cloudwash: Smart Washing Machine – Orders Detergent From Amazon
Is the Internet Of Things nearly complete?  We have the smart TV, Refrigerator, Kettle and Cooker. The list goes on.  Has there been a massive impact on our lives?  One firm’s idea may clean things up a bit.  Cloudwash is the prototype from London-based technology company Berg, whose business... Read more
FAA Put Drone Beer Delivery On Ice
Jack Supple, president of Lakemaid Beer, released a video on YouTube demonstrating just how easy it would be to have a nice cold beer delivered by a drone. Forget Amazon’s drone delivery plans, beer delivery sounds far more interesting. The YouTube video featured fisherman out on Minnesota’s Mille Lacs... Read more
Amazon to Ship Your Stuff Before You Buy it
Have you ever noticed how freakingly good Amazon is at keeping track of the things you look at on their site? Not only can you go back and look at everything you’ve viewed in their store, they also regularly use all of that data to show you other similar... Read more
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Rescued From Ecuador
How did you spend your New Year’s Day? I’d bet that you had a better experience than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Actually, Bezos is having a pretty rough start to the year 2014. On January 1st, as he was aboard a cruise ship vacationing in the Galapagos Islands in... Read more
Six US Sites Will Host Tests For Commercial Drones
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected six sites in various states that will host tests for the commercial use of drones. The tests are part of a programme to develop safety and operational regulations for drones, which are hoped will be ready by the end of 2015. Although... Read more
Amazon Kinesis Hits Public Beta
Amazon has a new data streaming analytics platform, called Kinesis and it is now in public beta. The service allows developers to build real-time applications without managing the complexity of multiple clusters. But though it has been regarded as a new type of real-time app platform, it also has a few... Read more
Amazon Wants To Use Drones For Immediate Delivery Service
Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive at Inc has revealed the company’s plans to use drones for delivering products, which will hopefully improve efficiency and speed for the consumers. On the U.S. show “60 Minutes”, Bezos explained how the so-called octocopters are capable of carrying up to five pounds... Read more
Amazon Investigated For Alleged Poor Working Conditions
The massive online retailer, Amazon, employs more than 20,000 people scattered across their 8 warehouses during the company’s peak holiday season.  However, not all of the workers are as happy as they may first appear.  A BBC Panorama investigation into a UK-based Amazon warehouse has discovered working conditions that... Read more
Xbox One Launches LOVEFiLM App
We all love movies, don’t we?  And whether or not we watch them on our TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or Games console, we want the content to be the best quality audio with crystal clear visuals! Amazon knows this and in anticipation of a massive new customer base,... Read more
New Kindle Paperwhite Has 300ppi
Amazon is now in the process of creating a new Kindle Paperwhite for release in the second quarter in 2014.  Amazon’s device will have a high-resolution 300ppi screen which will bring it back into competition with other e-reader devices like Kobo. The Paperwhite will also host some exciting hardware... Read more
Amazon Source Program is Angering Booksellers
Leave it up to Amazon to make everyday bookstore owners angry. It has long been wondered if and how soon digital books would overtake their physical book counterparts, and with the Amazon Source program, it might begin to happen sooner than originally thought. With this new program, Amazon hopes... Read more
Microsoft Working On Technology To Replace Cookies
Microsoft is developing a new technology to replace cookies.  This work is similar to projects being undertaken by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.   Tracking cookies have come under scrutiny recently from regulators by many concerned about privacy. Certain types of cookies (Third party tracking cookies) are now easily blocked through... Read more