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Next Windows 10 Update To Cut Down On Bloatware
Latest Preview build allows users to uninstall some of the default Windows 10 apps. For many Windows 10 users, some of the system apps that come preinstalled with Windows 10 by default, qualify as little more than Microsoft’s own unique brand of irremovable bloatware. Trying to remove some of... Read more
Are You Ready For iOS10?
If you don’t plan to shell out the big bucks for a brand-new iPhone–the one that notoriously doesn’t have a headphone jack, by the way–you can still take advantage of a lot of the highly-touted new features with your very own download of iOS10, compatible with versions of the... Read more
Chrome 53 Release: Squashes Bugs, Better Battery Life, Kills Flash (Some More)
Chrome 53 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, but are there any real changes. The latest version of Chrome fixed over 30 security issues present in the previous release, made more inroads in Google’s fight against Flash, and takes steps to improve battery life for... Read more
Windows 10 Updates: Hello Night Mode
The next Windows 10 update looks like it might be getting a new ‘night mode’ and it’s probably about time. As anyone who’s ever used any versions of Windows from the current no 10 version all the way back to the early 90s and Windows 3.1, the colour of... Read more
Apple Issues Patch For Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Apple has issued a warning to its customer base, urging them to update their devices’ iOS to include a new patch that stops three recently discovered zero-day vulnerabilities. For most of us, that probably amounts to blocking someone from infiltrating our Facebook accounts, but the reality of the flaws... Read more
A New Boost To Adobe Creative Cloud
One of the mainstays in any graphic artist’s toolbox is the Adobe family of products. But where artists, designers, and other professionals once had to purchase individual software titles (and then hope they didn’t upgrade their hardware and have to buy it all over again), Adobe has streamlined the... Read more
Bugged Lexus Update Results In System Errors Across The Board
If you own a Lexus manufactured between 2014 and now, then no doubt you already know your satnav stopped working, your radio is silent and your Bluetooth enabled devices are pretty much useless. If you don’t own a Lexus manufactured between 2014 and now, then you should know that... Read more
Firefox 48 Beta Includes “Electrolysis”
The developers at Mozilla have a brand-new feature to incorporate in their latest Firefox update, one that has them calling it the single biggest innovation the browser’s team has made. Dubbed “Electrolysis,” the E10S feature will essentially split Firefox into two separate processes, one for UI and one for... Read more
Apple Update Actually Bricks Some Users’ iPads
When a company launches an update or upgrade, the intended effect is a safer, more streamlined experience. Instagram, and Pinterest have all launched “facelift” updates in recent weeks, and the worst response has been that they take a little getting used to. Unfortunately, as the Windows 10 debacle has... Read more
Clock Counting Down On Free Windows 10 Upgrades
Yep, that’s right, the clock really is ticking for users wanting to upgrade their viable computers for free to Windows 10. Microsoft announced on their official blog that the free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8 users will officially expire on July 29th 2016. After that, users will... Read more
Apple To Reveal New OS Info On June 13th
Apple is set to reveal the newest version of iOS and possibly also a renamed, re-branded and upgraded version of OS X,  the tech giant has revealed. In a nice twist to standard tech company announcements however, the news was unveiled by Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. Whether Apple intentionally... Read more
Dip vs Swipe: Chip Credit Cards Get Software Update
In an effort to combat identity theft, financial fraud, and other related crimes, the US has begun moving towards the EMV chip system for credit card payments that Europe has had in place for nearly a decade. The new cards have already begun to replace old magnetic stripe cards,... Read more
Chrome Ends Support For Windows XP And Vista
Well it had to happen eventually. But last week Google officially announced that support for its Chrome browser on older (legacy) operating systems has finally happened. The news came the day after Google rolled out the latest version of the browser, Chrome 50, with the following blog post: “Today,... Read more
Apple Ceases Updates To QuickTime For Windows
The Zero Day Initiative, a group whose function is to seek out brand-new vulnerabilities in software and report those back to the publisher, announced an alarming find last week. ZDI uncovered two security flaws in Apple’s QuickTime software, then reported those to Apple. The resulting response was something along... Read more
Microsoft Launches Win10 Desktop App Converter
We love great new desktop gadgets or operating systems but is the Windows 10 Desktop App Converter going to be a disappointment? There have been few software launches in the history of computing that were met with such loud opposition as the launch of Windows 10; to be fair,... Read more
Older Kindles Need A Software Update
The clock is ticking for owners of certain models of Kindle e-readers as the deadline to install a critical update is looming. Today’s deadline means owners who failed to follow through with the update will no longer be able to connect to the internet, and will have to install... Read more
Alexa Now Updates You On Your Health
Fitness wearables are all the rage, but for many tech models the process of retrieving the information means plugging up the device to your computer and comparing the results by hand. While some will stream the data to a mobile device app for convenience, Amazon has taken the ease... Read more
Weekly Update Round-Up: LastPass, NoMachine and AnyDesk
There’s great news for those of us who rely on some key productivity apps. Three different software titles got important updates in the past few days, all of which are designed to streamline your workflow while protecting your security. LastPass, AnyDesk, and NoMachine, three widely used tools for making... Read more